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Founded in 1925, by Y. W. Scarborough and J. W. Orvin, Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company (“Atlantic Coast Life”) has served funeral homes and families for nearly one hundred years, helping families plan for and fund “end of life” solutions. We have built a reputation among funeral directors and consumers as a trustworthy source of funding.

Between 1925 and 1940 Atlantic Coast Life’s Home Service Distribution was built through recruiting sales agents and building district offices throughout South Carolina. In 1954, the Scarborough Family acquired one hundred percent of the company’s stock and an era of success and growth has now spanned nearly ten decades.

In the mid 1990’s, our Home Service Distribution peaked, and the company’s growth began to slow. The President and CEO, Y.W. “Bill” Scarborough III, had a vision to dramatically change the company’s original distribution strategy. He focused most of the company’s efforts and resources to launch a new distribution arm to reinvigorate sales and growth. This critical decision transformed the course of Atlantic Coast Life’s voyage into the future. The Preneed Division set sail in August of 2003. After eighteen months of success, and above expectations, the Preneed Division expanded into nine neighboring Southeastern states. By 2008, Atlantic Coast Life was known throughout the Southeast as a serious competitor with a growing presence in the Preneed marketplace.

In 2015, Advantage Capital Holdings, LLC d/b/a “A-CAP” purchased Atlantic Coast Life from the Scarborough Family and Bill  returned to the office of President. Growth, expansion, and success multiplied. Atlantic Coast Life began an intense expansion that  took the company on a journey across the country!

A-CAP guided the company into the annuity marketplace and Atlantic Coast Life immediately became a highly sought after insurer-of-choice by hundreds of annuity producers and financial advisors across the country. The company generated over one billion dollars of new premium 2020.
Bill retired at the end of 2019, and Charles E. Sanders stepped in at the helm of the company. Charles was the logical choice after working side-by-side with Bill for twenty-two years as his sales officer, where Charles helped build and implement strategies for the success of the Preneed Division. Today, Atlantic Coast Life continues to surpass its sales and premium records.
Atlantic Coast Life plans to continue nurturing and improving its Preneed and annuity distribution systems. The company also aims to and protect its policyholders’ savings by upholding its standard to be a “Beacon of Integrity” in all dealings with Preneed clients, consumers, insurance agents, and producers.
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Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company is a premier provider of life insurance and annuity products for families throughout the nation.
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